You are more beautiful than you think

As part of the Dove series on natural beauty, they had women describe how they look to a forensic artist, and then had people who loved them, do the same thing. The difference in how women perceived themselves vs. how others viewed them was immense.

I was so struck by the truth of this.

I think we have all perceived ourselves differently than others view us.
How many times has a friend of mine pointed out an imperfection she thought she had, and I stood there scratching my head, not even noticing what she is saw.
I try to reassure her that she is beautiful, but I can tell she doesn’t believe…truly…that she is.
I am also guilty of this very thing!

I sound like a broken record when I say this, but there is a great need for us as women to see ourselves as God does.
Perfectly created.

As you go about your day today, remember God sees you and looks down with fondness at what he created.
He loves you, and you are beautifully His.
Never forget that.


2 thoughts on “You are more beautiful than you think

  1. I’ve been pondering in my heart the fact that, when I listen to the enemy’s view of myself and agree with him instead of agreeing with God that I am beautiful and perfectly designed by Him, it really is sin. And the most amazing part of it is when I recognize my agreement with the enemy as sin, God comes to my heart with His perfect cleansing and frees me once again to bask in the glory of His perfect designing.

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